Open source

It is important for me to share my projects with others. Therefore most of my projects are open source. Some of them (most recently active) i've listed here. You can also check out my projects on Github and GitLab.

project description status
helm/matomo A helm chart for deploying Matomo active
php/request-handler Simple symfony app that answers requests in different modes active
docker/PostGIS A docker container with PostGIS, GEOS, GDAL, PROJ, pgRouting and Osm2pgsql with different PostgreSQL versions active
docker/Netflix Conductor Docker containers for Netflix Conductor, a microservice orchestration server active
docker/Netflix Dynomite A docker container for Netflix Dynomite, a generic dynamo implementation active
docker/BPG A docker container for the libpbg with the binaries bpgenc bpgdec bpgview and the js files bpgdec.js bpgdec8.js bpgdec8a.js inactice since libbpg seems not to be active anymore
docker/FLIF A docker container for the FLIF (Free Lossless Image Format) with the binaries apng2flif flif and gif2flif inactivce since FLIF development has stopped because it is superceded by JPEG XL